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Hello! This is Ankit Bio Fuels
Find the Benefits of Using
Biomass Energy.

Produce less greenhouse gases overall than fossil fuels when they are burned..

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Ankit's BioFuel Products

Core Features

of Biomass Briquettes & Pellets

There are numerous benefits achieved by utilizing pellet & Briquettes fuel, including economical and environmental.

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Saving in Transportation and Handling
  • Quality & Clean Fuel
  • Lesser Pollution than the other fuel alternatives
  • Easy to Store & Use
  • Equivalent heat to traditional fossil fuels.
  • Biomass briquettes is less than, Coal, Fire wood
  • More efficient energy conversion
  • Pellet boilers are widely used
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Why Choose Us? Here’s the best energy of our biomass products

Uniform shape and size

Consistent product quality and reliable supply

No crushing required

No earth & metal impurities

Fuel feeding system

No modification in fuel feeding system

Reduced risk of fire hazard

Low SPM, Negligible SOx & NOx in flue gas

Grameen Siri
What is Green Job? Restoring and maintaining the “ecological infrastructure” Our ecological infrastructure include work in the following sectors: Public land restoration and maintenance; Private land restoration and maintenance; and Utilizing and marketing woody biomass.

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What We Purchase? Raw material Unique & Perennial!!!

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About Ankit

Company Manufacturing facility, process of biomass products manufacturing

  •   76/1A, “Basava Udhyam”,
         Oorukere, Boviapalya,
         NH-4, Tumakuru – 572106.
         Karnataka, India
  •   +91 - 816 - 2211560
  •   +91 - 9900019819
  •   +91 - 7349641970/71/72/73

About Ankit

The Ankit Bio Fuels LLP. is India's major biomass briquettes manufacturing private sector enterprise, with businesses in the alternative energy sector.
Ours is a company which was started during the year 2015, has engaged in manufacturing of fuel briquettes using agro products namely coffee husk, sawdust and groundnut shells.

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