The Densified Palm Fuel

Our Innovation

In the past decade we had started to manufacture a product out of agro wastes like coffee husk, sawdust and groundnut shells which paved a way to the innovation of fuel usage.

After exhaustive research, Our Chief Executing Officer, have invented a world class unique product, “The Densified Palm Fuel”, a biomass fuel made out of canopy leaves and stem of agriculture plantation crops of Palm family, which includes coconut tree, oil palm tree, areca nut tree, date palm tree etc, in wet or dry form are used in making fuel briquettes. For this product he has applied for patent under THE PATENTS ACT 1970(39 0f 1970) & THE PATENTS RULES, 2003, APPLICATION FOR GRANT OF PATENT (see section 7, 54 &135 and rule 20(1)) Hence we believe

"Think. Anticipate. Be prepared."

Part of meticulous thinking is the ability to anticipate problems. "Every transformation initiative will face resistance. It is our job to anticipate the resistance, take the responsibility to earn the respect of all to create a win-win business model."

"Hard work, timely decisions, speed and ingenuity" says the Chief Executing Officer of Ankit Bio-Fuels to sum up what Company is all about.

It is evident that company is where it is today because of Innovation in thinking and execution. Giving its ambition for India and its own organization Company has now taken on a major initiative in the innovation domain.

The leadership recognizes that its biggest competitive advantage and differentiator in the future would be innovation. Innovation has to become the language, the behavior, definer, the culture and the soul of Ankit Bio-Fuels, even more explicitly than ever before.

Practice is to implement the innovation agenda. The innovation agenda hinges on following important factors:

  • Deploy best and next transformational innovative practices that will impact the country and the business.
  • Develop new business based on emerging and disruptive technology
  • Strategically deploy a corporate venture capital fund to maximize value

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About Ankit

The Ankit Bio Fuels LLP. is India's major biomass briquettes manufacturing private sector enterprise, with businesses in the alternative energy sector.
Ours is a company which was started during the year 2015, has engaged in manufacturing of fuel briquettes using agro products namely coffee husk, sawdust and groundnut shells.

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